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  • Mar 28 2013


    Recently, I stumbled on a post titled “Would you hire someone who is grammatically challenged?”. Think about it, are we going to shun the person who is bold enough to expose themselves to o…

  • Mar 25 2013

    Fixing Things

    I grew up in an era of being able to fix things. It was especially frustrating to find that something could not be fixed. One early example was a failed vacuum tube. For some reason, repair techni…

  • Mar 10 2013


    Computer Management without the development of the Internet. How your work pace would change without electronic communications. With these advances do we have more free time?…

  • Feb 28 2013


    I remember a moment when a respected team associate pointed out a milestone in my career. Rich was probably the most brilliant Electrical Engineer I have worked with. We were working with high…

  • Jan 28 2013

    I own this Blunder ...

    At eight or so years of age plugging in a 1960’s circa Rambler car radio into an AC outlet. Back then there were three possibilities to power it up, the speaker wires, the single conductor powe…

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