Tegel Design


Our very own ranks in the Top 2!

Once again, Robert Tegel, our owner and Lead Designer at Tegel Design and Tebots Inc, is rated as one of the top two inventors in the world for 2015, with 15 patents filed.  We are very excited for the year ahead. Former President of the National Academy of Engineering, Bill Wolf, once said that “science is about what is, and engineering is about what can be”.  Neil Armstrong added to that “Engineering is a profession which leaves its imprint on our society in countless ways”. We have great pride in all of Robert’s accomplishments this year, years past, and the years to come, and the ability to say that our owner has played an integral role through his career in leaving such footprints as Neil describes.  We have incredible teams at both of our companies, however our success is greatly due to Rob’s prolific contributions to the world in addition to his professional, integral, motivated, and inspirational attributes. Congratulations Rob and thank you for all that you bring!

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