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Welcoming 2018, to a happy and productive year!

Moving into a new year from an odd year, plenty of changes for us all in 2017.  Seeing 2018 as a uncommon year, anticipating this to be a record year of invention and integration.  An especially positive note for 2017 was somewhat unexpected.  One of our employees filled a void and personally took on a challenge to design, manufacture and assembly a relatively complicated fixture.  What is so amazing was the employees ability to confidently finish the design concept, then program and run our CNC mill.  To date he has become our superstar for having the courage to program and then press the button.  So far in the past few months he has set the bar high, no broken taps and one broken tool.  Futhermore he was able to impress the client with his ability to complete the project on time, budget and meet/exceed quality aspects.  That employee is my son Erik, understand first that he is exceptionally smart and self taught.  As many know we pride ourselves in our efforts for workforce development so after all the training we have done with others we are excited of the prospect of having a family member excel.  We are jumping ahead into 2018 and expect it to be a

reat year, and well done Erik.

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